Comparing B2B and B2C content marketing

In the very recent past I worked in the post-secondary sector at an Aboriginal institute and it often struck me that the promotional work we did for our programs should be considered B2B instead of B2C, and the points in the article 3 Differences Between B2B and B2C Content Marketing seem to reinforce that idea.

In my experience, the Aboriginal community tends to resist messages that actively sell products or services.  Culturally we think in terms of inclusiveness and reciprocity so traditional marketing messages, which many times highlight the needs of the seller versus the value of the product/service to the public, tend to be dismissed quickly.  Marketing to the Aboriginal consumer, therefore, requires a lot of work building and nurturing longer term relationships as a B2B marketer would do.

If the tactics used for B2C marketers are mobile in nature, to reflect consumers’ immediate needs, then the slow relationship-build that occurs through webinars and research reports (suggested for B2B) are more appropriate — tweaked for the audience, a webinar or research report could be revisioned as video testimonials from graduates or current students (i.e. “A day in the life”).  Similarly, if a B2C marketer utilizes Facebook and B2B uses LinkedIn, it stands to reason — especially given the LinkedIn social graph I posted last week — that LinkedIn should be seriously considered a lead generator for this market.

The only deviation from the article regards the B2B challenge of creating content versus a financial constraint identified by B2C.  Though creating content was an issue, it was not for wont of ideas but manpower.

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