3 Universal Priorities in Developing Social Media Strategy

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On the social web, some things are universal: your brand should listen online for conversations that are relevant to you and your industry; you should share, engage and build community among your stakeholders, and; you should ultimately promote your product or service to your community.  As an organization develops its social media strategy, it will inevitably prioritize these “universals” and very likely these priorities will be influenced by the type of business in which the organization operates.

The above graphic highlights the first priority for each sector and identifies their shared secondary priorities.  Note that all three sectors utilize all three priorities.

The objective of a corporation is revenue, so its first priority is to promote its product or service. It will share a secondary interest in listening to online comments, questions, and conversations with non-profits, and with governments the sharing of information and building community among its stakeholders.

For a government agency, its first interest will be to listen for conversations around legislative or constituent interests.  It will share a secondary interest in promoting a product or service with non-profits, and with corporations the sharing of information and building community.

Non-profits will want to share information, and build community among its stakeholders, above the other two priorities.  It will share a secondary interest in listening to online conversations regarding its brand with corporations, and with governments the promotion of its product or service.


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2 thoughts on “3 Universal Priorities in Developing Social Media Strategy

  1. Eric

    There is beauty in simplicity and your graphic is attractive in this way. You make good arguments supporting the idea that each sector has a different priority: to promote, to listen, to share. However, all must practice each of these to a degree in order to be successful.
    Nice, simple, to the point.


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