Building a Social Media Team

Every company, non-profit organization or government agency will want to best utilize its social media investment. In a hypothetical case, wherein each sector builds a team of five members, each will place a higher value on the roles they create, though there are similarities among them.

Shared among all three sectors are the roles of “Social Media Strategist” and “Community Manager.”  The SoMe Strategist is essentially the manager or leader of the entire division or department; he or she is the highest ranking staff member who oversees the work, designs the overall strategy, and reinforces the organization’s commitment to the value of social media.  The Community Manager is the single point of contact between the brand and the audience/community.

Shared between Companies and Governments is the “Social Analyst,” a role that emphasizes listening to online conversations regarding a brand or legislation/constituent issues.  To be clear, this role is important to non-profits as well but, in this scenario where team membership is limited to five, there are five roles of greater importance to a non-profit.

Shared between Non-profits and Governments is the “Social Media Manager,” an operations-oriented role that oversees every element of the various projects the team is engaged in.  He or she will manage the resourcing of manpower, time-limited targets, financial resources, and the relationship between the entity and social media partners, agencies for example.

Shared between Companies and Non-profits are “Agency Partners,” which are third parties deployed by the company or non-profit to oversee roles that each deems itself incapable of completing internally.

Uniquely valued by Companies is the “Business Unit Liaison,” a relationship-builder internally who works to bridge departments in realizing social media goals across the organization.  Uniquely valued by Non-profits is the “Content Strategist,” a role that is becoming more and more necessary across all sectors; he or she works to develop and align content for the multiple audiences/communities where the non-profit participates.  Uniquely valued by Governments is the “Education Manager,” a role that is similar to the Business Unit Liaison in that he or she works internally as a promoter of social media as a communication tool.

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