CLASSIC: Gord Bamford “When Your Lips are So Close”

It doesn’t sound like a Gord Bamford song.  He co-wrote it with his producer Byron Hill and Nashville songwriter Brent Baxter, who recounts his behind-the-scenes journey to Gord and this recording brilliantly on his blog Man vs Row.

Gord Bamford sings country music, unquestionably.  His singles really just vary between honky-tonk uptempos (“Stayed ‘Til Two,” “Drinkin’ Buddy”) and slow heartfelt ballads (“Little Guy,” “My Daughter’s Father”).  And I’m sure the rest of the songs on the new album will hew closer to this path.  It’s available tomorrow, incidentally.

“When Your Lips…” works.  It’s left of centre, just enough to excite the fans and intrigue those who might not otherwise be interested; the perfect single to open an album.

Also: the lyrics in the hook makes sense if you substitute “your lips” for just “you,” though you still have to strain a bit.  He’s trying for a play on words, but they don’t quite fit.  The song is definitely about longing, and where it veers I think is regarding the frustration of wanting someone who’s right. over. there. but you still gotta get to know ’em.

(This was originally posted to my previous site Critically Country on October 7, 2013)